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PO Box 1501 Angleton, Texas 77516; License #: A17305

Barry  Dunn 
            Advisory Group LLC


Be aware that in Texas you must be licensed by the State of Texas to do private investigations work.  Hiring an unlicensed PI is also illegal (up to a $10,000 fine). Save yourself headache, heartache, and other problems by hiring a licensed and insured private eye.


So what does it cost to get a Private Investigator? Visit our rates page for details.  Just because someone charges less does not mean it will be less expensive.  An experienced and quality investigator will usually give better results in less time than someone offering cut rates.  The Cost varies, but pretty much all private investigations companies operate on a retainer basis.   This means you pay an up front fee for services.  If the final bill is less than the retainer, and you will be promptly refunded the balance. So don't be afraid of hiring an investigator on a retainer basis.   You will be amazed at what all a PI or private eye can do for you.  Initial consultation is free.

We are based in Brazoria County serving the area South of Houston.  We are a full service investigations company and can meet your criminal and civil investigations needs.  We have conducted investigations internationally and have the experience and expertise to give you a professional investigation and report. 

Barry Dunn - Founder of Barry Dunn Advisory Group LLC and RealTexasPI
If you need help finding out the truth, if you want to find out if you are being ripped off, if you want to find someone that is missing, call us. Everyone has a different need for a private investigator. Most of the time it is a negative situation. Whether you or your company are being cheated, having something stolen, being treated unfairly, or you are just in a situation where you do not really know what is true, we understand, and we believe we can help you.

We are a full service professional licensed private investigation Company. We also do civil process service. We help find people, things, information, and yes, we sometimes find the truth.