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Phone: 979-481-9466

We are a full service professional licensed private investigation Company. We also do civil process service. We help find people, things, information, and facts. Facts don't always equate the truth, so keep that in mind.

We are based in Brazoria County serving the area South of Houston.  We are a full service investigations company and can meet your criminal and civil investigations needs.  We have conducted investigations internationally and have the experience and expertise to give you a professional investigation and report.

Be aware that in Texas you must be licensed by the State of Texas to do private investigations work.  Hiring an unlicensed PI is also illegal (up to a $10,000 fine). Save yourself headache, heartache, and other problems by hiring a licensed and insured private eye.

Please note that Barry Dunn Advisory Group will not conduct any illegal activty to conduct an investigation or provide any of our services.  If you have retained us to work an investigation, or provide another service, your retainer will be forfeited for asking us to conduct illegal activity.
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