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Some investigations companies try to do "everything." Our specialty areas are:

Criminal Investigations
Litigation Support
Fraud Investigations
Process Service
Background Investigations

All of these services are done on a retainer basis.

Criminal Investigations:
We can assist in any criminal investigation, whether it is a current one, or a cold case. We do everything from photography, witness interviews and statements, finding witnesses, and case file review just to see what has been over-looked or missed. Retainer varies depending upon service needed. We have done and will do court appointed cases in Brazoria County.

Litigation Support:
Whether you need a case researched, certified copies of civil or criminal records, criminal history checks, verification of vehicle registrations, driving records, or simply have your case reviewed to see what has been missed, we can do it in a discrete and professional manner. Retainer varies depending on case.

Fraud Investigations:
You may need surveillance on individuals to prove or disprove disabilities. You may need witnesses verified or vetted. You may need a follow up investigation on accidents, slips, or falls. You may need undercover work to find out the real story from "victims" or "witnesses." You may just need a third party to confirm that an incident happened just the way it was reported. We have the experience to conduct these investigations in a professional manner. Retainer varies depending on case.

Process Service:
We are certified by the Supreme Court of Texas to serve civil process. We also serve subpoenas. See our rates  on this service. We have served thousands of court documents in the Brazoria County area..

We have a flat rate "locate" service. This fee is the same whether or not it takes us 1 hour or 1 year, and we do not stop trying to locate until the individual in located. If this locate is on a "relative" or old lost friend, when we locate the individual, we will give them your contact information. If they wish to contact you after we find them that is entirely up to them. We follow this procedure because of possible criminal and civil liabilities. If you need "physical verification" meaning personal observation or photo evidence, then that is just a regular investigation. We will verify by telephone, email, or mail that we have located the individual. Retainer is $250.00 (non-refundable) -Applies to U.S. only

Background Investigations:
We do conduct background investigations on individuals for a variety of reasons. We require our clients to comply with FCRA guidelines for said investigations. We do not conduct credit checks upon individuals, as these are of little to no value in a background investigation. They are mostly done as a lazy man's way of confirming past addresses. A credit score or rating has little to do with understanding an individual's character and reputation. The cost of a background check will vary depending upon how thorough of a check is required.
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